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asphalt astronaut is an ambient pop music artist from tucson, az. taking inspiration from artists like ethel cain, mitski, and daughter, her work has been featured on radio stations and publications throughout arizona. 

asphalt astronaut blends talented lyricism with layered vocals and instrumentation to create her unique sense of atmosphere. 

her debut album, antares (2020), was a shy venture into sharing her voice for the first time with a stripped-down collection of folk-style songs.


from there, asphalt has continued to develop her style with subsequent albums andromeda (2021) and aurora (2023). her upcoming release, anodyne, is scheduled for july 05, 2024. 

"A true gem for all of Arizona... [her] voice takes center stage, a deeply gorgeous croon that tugs at the heartstrings before drop-kicking listeners squarely in the solar plexus."

Phoenix New Times, 2021

Ranked one of the top albums in metro Phoenix, 2021

Phoenix New Times, 2021

"[The] earnest folk-pop of [Asphalt Astronaut] is a distinct outlier, and her latest, Andromeda, deserves to be heard everywhere... there's lots of emotional and sonic nuance to this 10-track effort. It's just as likely to lull you in with its sheer beauty as smash you over the head with some weighty observation. All of those elements together make [Asphalt] a shining star in the Southwest, and why every new project feels like she's taking more deserved space in our musical atmosphere."

 Phoenix New Times, 2021

"There is a haunting quality to [Asphalt's] voice, which seems like a confession elicited during a seance, as well as an ethereal quality to the spare yet melodic instrumentation."

 Tucson Lifestyle, 2021


"[Asphalt Astronaut] matches a smooth, melodic, soothing sound-- a little like Cat Power-- with the ability to subtly punctuate her lyrics, giving depth to her observations... although there is much self reflection in the songs, the lyrics are so universal in significant ways that listeners will find themselves profiled... both personal and easily relatable."

 Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, 2020

"Antares is a lonesome album, but it would be a disservice to simply call it depressing... her dark, mellow voice hints at experience—or at the very least comfort—with her singing and storytelling abilities."

 Tucson Weekly, 2020

"[Asphalt] is at the peak of her beguiling powers, slowly unfurling this delicate piece of bare-bones pop... it's an experience that will break your heart with its sheer beauty, and remind you that even the most gentle creations have the most immense power."

 Phoenix New Times, 2021

"Andromeda lays on the atmosphere, blending ambient pop music into a late-night confessional... a soft and lonely sound."

 Tucson Weekly, 2021

Ranked one of the top ten Tucson albums in 2021

Tucson Weekly, 2021

"[Andromeda] is an album of somewhat sad but never sappy songs that borrow a bit from fairytales and folklores to tell her story of love lost."

 Arizona Daily Star, 2021

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